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Assistant Instructor
Professional Course

From $995.00

Duration From 4 Days

The PADI Assistant Instructor course is the step between PADI Dive Master and PADI Open Water Instructor.

This 4 day course will lead you through the PADI teaching process where you will learn how to do classroom presentations, in water skill demonstrations and dive and pre dive skill demonstrations. The Assistant Instructor course is an invaluable tool to prepare you for you Instructor course and it also allows you to teach surface skills on Open Water dive courses. The PADI Assistant Instructor is the perfect step up to Instructor and with the training you will receive on the Perth Scuba Assistant Instructor course, you will be ready to take on your Instructor Development Course.

The PADI Assistant Instructor course will have you working with peers in classroom presentations where a Perth Scuba IDC Staff Instructor will evaluate your presentation techniques and give you feedback and training to ensure you have mastered the art of a full and correct subject presentation. With PADI’s back ground in training, this course will not only apply to diving, but will set you up in good stead for any future presentations which may come your way in day to day life.

This course is also a very good “go between” course for the Dive Master who wants to take their courses one step at a time for both time and financial reasons.

Having completed the Assistant Instructor course, your IDC (Instructor Development Course) course schedule will be reduced by 4 days making the IDC fit easily into just one week.

Perth Scuba has the highest standard of training when it comes to all levels of dive training. The PADI Assistant Instructor course is no exception. You will be trained to the best of your ability and you will be prepared better than any other candidate when it comes to completing your Instructor Development Course.

The PADI Assistant Instructor course runs over either 4 full weekdays or 2 consecutive weekends.

Perth Scuba's course includes

  • PADI IDC eLearning Pass (will be issued within 24 hours of course payment)
  • Assistant Instructor Application Fee
  • Perth Scuba Shirt


  • PADI Dive Master or equivalent
  • 100 dives before completion of IDC
  • Current Medical status (within 12 months of previous dive medical)