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Closed Circuit Rebreather (rEvo)
Technical Courses

From $2100.00

Duration 6 Days

Closed Circuit Rebreather Diver (CCR MOD1):

This is the entry level user certification for safely planning and executing rebreather dives on the rEvo rebreather.

Divers will be guided through such skills as:

  • Correct assembly and failure checks
  • Calibration
  • Basic maintenance
  • Cleaning and disinfecting
  • Risk analysis and awareness
  • Emergency procedures
  • Rebreather Dive Planning
  • Open Circuit Bail-out considerations and calculations


This course takes 8 dives and includes Air, Nitrox and Oxygen.

Rebreather Course prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18
  • Provide proof of 20 logged open water dives
  • Provide proof as a TDI Nitrox Diver or equivalent from agencies recognized by TDI


  • TDI eLearning
  • Tuition
  • Pool entry
  • Diluent (air) fills


  • Sofnalime 797 or 812 (sorb)
  • Oxygen fills
  • rEvo rebreather hire (if you don't own a rEvo rebreather, Perth Scuba has hire units available)


rEvo CCR unit available for hire during training course (additional)

Courses are run on request as agreed between you and your Instructor after your booking has been confirmed.