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Helitrox Diver
Technical Courses

From $750.00

Duration 3 Days

Helitrox Diver builds on the Decompression Procedures course by allowing the use of Helium (20% +/- 5%). Helitrox is also known as introductory Trimix (Tx). Trimix is used to reduce the narcotic effect at depth as reducing the nitrogen in the breathing mix is like diving much shallower. The other benefit of Trimix is the lower gas density which makes the gas easier to breathe at depth. Like Decompression Procedures this course examines the theory, methods and procedures of planned stage decompression diving to a depth of 45 meters with the use of Helium.

Course Schedule

  • Pre Course - e-Learning module
  • Day 1 - Theory, Gear Configuration
  • Day 2 - 2 x Open Water Dives
  • Day 3 - 2 x Open Water Dives (both to be a minimum depth of 35 meters)

Course Inclusions

  • Air fills
  • Certification card
  • Gear hire (subject to availability)


Water skills include managing multiple cylinders in side mount cylinders or back mount configuration.


Refer to the Side Mount Diver and Intro to Tec Diver web pages for equipment requirements as this course can be done in side mount or back mount configuration.

An additional stage cylinder may be required (and must be Oxygen Clean for mixes higher than 40%) with a first stage, second stage and pressure gauge as well as a stage rigging kit.


Available in combination with the Side Mount or Intro to Tec as well as the Advanced Nitrox Diver Courses.

Pool session is highly recommended for those that have not completed a Side Mount Diver or Intro to Tec course.

Local shore dives included

Boat charges are in addition to prices stated.

Gases other than air P.O.A.

Dive planning software is an additional charge.

Dual Certification available for both Helitrox and Decompression Procedures (add $75)