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Cave Diver
Technical Courses

From $850.00

Duration 4 Days

This is the second level of CDAA courses during which students are taught to plan dives to the rule of 1/3's of their twin cylinder gas supply (back or side mount) or CCR with 1 bail out cylinder. Additionally divers are trained to negotiate restrictions too narrow for 1 diver to pass through. Divers must at all times be close enough to donate gas (air share).


  • Pre Course - Reading manuals
  • Day 1 - Theory, Gear Configuration (night session)
  • Day 2 - Theory, reel workshop, 1 Controlled Water Dive + 1 Skills Assessment Dive
  • Day 3 - 2 x Site Dives
  • Day 4 - 2 x Site Dives


Water skills include an elevated level of proficiency (from Basic Cave) in all skills including hand, light and tactile communications, finning techniques, trim and buoyancy whist performing all skills including loss of gas scenarios, no mask / black out mask following a line, laying and retrieving line.


  • Two cylinders, volume appropriate for planned dive, and student gas consumption
  • Two independent first and second stage regulators (one to have a 2 meter hose) each with a submersible pressure gauge
  • Buoyancy compensator device (BCD) with power inflator appropriate for side mount or back mount configuration
  • Or 1 x CCR with any modifications to be approved by the manufacturer (RESA Standards) and 1 bailout cylinder (2nd stage must have a 2 meter hose)
  • Exposure suit adequate for diving environment
  • Mask, spare mask, cutting device and tec fins
  • 1 primary light + 2 back ups
  • Dive computer and an additional depth and timing device; backup computer recommended
  • 100 meter (min) primary reel
  • 1 personal marker
  • Slate and or wet notes (plus pencil)


Basic Cave (or equivalent)

20 Basics Cave dives including minimum 10 hours and 2 different sites

CCR Minimum 50 post course dives or 50 hours


Schedule can be tailored to suit a group

Local shore dives included

Controlled water and skills assessment dives are done in the dams around Collie (camping / accommodation fees apply)

Some sites are 4WD only (logistics discussed pre-course - self drive)

Site dives are done out on the Nullarbor Dive Sites and Nullarbor Expedition fees apply (POA)

Blended fills are at the students expense

May be completed on OC or CCR (call for further info) however the sites dictate configuration used.