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Dive Travel is very important to Perth Scuba and when you have been on a Perth Scuba dive trip you will understand why. Now there is no reason to go overseas alone. Meet new people and have a fantastic time while you do what you love best… DIVING!!!

The Crew at Perth Scuba are constantly looking for new and innovative dive trips which incorporate not only great diving destinations, but trips which make the most of the areas we travel to.

Take Egypt for example… Why go all that way and only dive the Red Sea? Ok so that’s a pretty good reason right there… But what about throwing in a few days exploring the Valley of the Kings in ancient Egypt… Followed by a 5 night live aboard trip down the Nile river, Hot Air Ballooning over Luxor and THEN 7 days of diving in the Red Sea! Sound like your kind of trip? Then you need to join us on some of Perth Scuba’s fantastic travel experiences.

We design trips that inspire us and trips that we want to go on.
We don’t let our agents decide what is best for us… We decide and then let our agents know what we want to do… There is a big difference.

Perth Scuba runs approximately 4 or 5 trips per year. We select many of those destinations so that non divers can go along too. You can check out our "Trip Review" article about each trip to find out a rating of whether it's good for non divers as well as divers, whether the area is great for underwater photography, land photography and even whether we think you should have a bit of diving experience under your belt to do the trip.

All of Perth Scuba's dive trips are led by 1 or 2 of our hand picked staff. They are all a minimum of Dive Master qualified and have been trained on how to lead tours so our customers – you, have a stress free, fun and smooth running holiday. Our Tour Leaders are there 100% for YOU.

Perth Scuba runs 2 Dive Travel Presentations per year in our Presentation Theatre at our store in Canning Vale. These presentations showcase the upcoming trips for the next 2 years. This gives you plenty of time to book and makes paying your dive trip off simple and easier.

In between our two "Travel Showcase" information nights, we run individual information evenings for each trip. This allows us to go into more detail with those who have either booked or would like to book onto one of these trips. If you are interested in joining one or more of our trips, email us or call the store to find out more information.

We can email you our latest trip booklet which will give you the information for all our Upcoming Trips.

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