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  • Hire Equipment must be used by the hirer or by a certified diver. Issuing this equipment to someone else who is not certified is dangerous and could lead to accidental injury or death.
  • Hire Equipment is hired in good faith that it is working correctly at the time of hire. It is the responsibility of the hirer to check all equipment prior to departure of the store.
  • Perth Scuba cannot be held liable for any weather changes or changes of plan beyond our control.
  • Once hired, this equipment is the full responsibility of the hirer until it is returned to the store in the same condition, which it left.
  • Any loss or damage to the hired equipment is to be the responsibility if the hirer and cost of repair or replacement of equipment is to be met by the hirer.
  • Equipment hired must be washed in fresh water (regulators washed with the dust cap in place) to avoid loss of deposit.
  • Any late hire equipment will be charged at the full daily hire rate until it is returned. This is not limited to the loss of deposit and may require further payment to meet total hire time.
  • Perth Scuba may not be held liable by you or your family for any accident or injury, which may occur whilst this equipment is in use. Neither Perth Scuba’s Directors nor employees may be held responsible or liable due to negligence whether direct or indirect in relation to the use or misuse of this equipment.
  • The hirer agrees to all terms and conditions of this hire and understand and accept the conditions when hiring Perth Scuba hire equipment.