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      Weedy dragons and unicorns at Sand Tracks

      Weedy dragons and unicorns at Sand Tracks

      What an absolute cracker of a night at Sand Tracks….

      Weedy Sea Dragons ✅
      Sting Rays ✅
      Big Octopus ✅
      Baby Port Jackson ✅
      Rob Turner ✅
      Unicorns ✅

      Thank you everyone that made the night so awesome, I have as much fun under the water as I do above….🐙🐙🐙

      Special mention to Sam and Sean Stolk our Dive Masters in Training and Super Phil McDonald for always helping out 👌👌👌

      Perth Scuba, you guys are awesome providing the food and safety equipment week in week out 😊😊😊

      by Instructor Chris Jones

      Perth Scuba club dive