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Point Peron scuba dive for the new year of 2020

Weedy sea dragon by Martin Crossley

The first club dive of 2020 and after a gourmet bbq breakfast, 23 Club Divers descended on the Point this Sunday morning to the sight of great conditions and only the smallest of breakers. After an easy snorkel out to the Northern end of the farthest reef, we dropped 8m in 23oC to a sandy seabed and then joined the reef wall following it on our left shoulder.

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It's our 15th Birthday

Perth Scuba 15th Birthday Sale

November the 1st marked a special day for Perth Scuba… It’s 15 years since we opened our doors for the first time.

Back then there was me (Lee) and one instructor Tom who was my full time instructor and part time shop staff. That was it! The store was half the size and our main brands back then were Apollo, Scubapro and Mares.

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Exploring underwater at Jervoise Bay harbour wall

Manta Club divers at Jervoise Bay

Keeping an eye on the weather since early morning, the downpour hammering on the roof at work around 2pm had me thinking this would be anyone’s guess regarding viz at tonight’s proposed site and I quickly thought-up a river site in reserve. Thankfully my hedging bets on the inside of the Jervoise Bay harbour being secluded enough from the weather having done a reckie a few weeks earlier during a similar crap spell, all paid off.

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