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Weedy dragons and unicorns at Sand Tracks

Weedy dragons and unicorns at Sand Tracks

What an absolute cracker of a night at Sand Tracks….

Weedy Sea Dragons ✅
Sting Rays ✅
Big Octopus ✅
Baby Port Jackson ✅
Rob Turner ✅
Unicorns ✅

Thank you everyone that made the night so awesome, I have as much fun under the water as I do above….🐙🐙🐙

Special mention to Sam and Sean Stolk our Dive Masters in Training and Super Phil McDonald for always helping out 👌👌👌

Perth Scuba, you guys are awesome providing the food and safety equipment week in week out 😊😊😊

by Instructor Chris Jones

Perth Scuba club dive

Point Peron scuba dive for the new year of 2020

Weedy sea dragon by Martin Crossley

The first club dive of 2020 and after a gourmet bbq breakfast, 23 Club Divers descended on the Point this Sunday morning to the sight of great conditions and only the smallest of breakers. After an easy snorkel out to the Northern end of the farthest reef, we dropped 8m in 23oC to a sandy seabed and then joined the reef wall following it on our left shoulder.

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Night diving on the North Wall at Coogee

Port Jackson Shark by Martin Crossley

Once again looking for somewhere not regularly visited for the night dives, the wind direction and swell coupled with an eye on the webcams at Fremantle harbor and Trigg somehow brought the North wall at Coogee into the crosshairs. Not a spot I’d done as a night dive so it was an instant choice. Three adventurous and Christmas shopping adverse divers came along and we were soon heading into surprisingly +7m viz as we cleared the short stretch of shallows and dropped quickly down to 5m.

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Diving the Cenotes of Mexico

Mexico Cenotes scuba diving

The caverns (cenotes) and caves that pepper this area is vast with so many endless underground systems that pass and meet each other in a network of underwater wonders left behind after a meteorite hit the Earth millions of years ago.

Today the remains of that historical moment in time give us an opportunity to see diving in a different light. (or darkness). Our groups were split into more manageable groups and set off for different locations. The first Cenote destinations… Chuk Mool and Eden.

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Sidemount diving

Sidemount diving

Perth Scuba are proud to have 2 very competent sidemount instructors in house, who have gotten together and come up with a brand new format for the Padi recreational Sm course
Whilst the PADI sidemount course may not be a ‘tech’ sidemount course, both of our instructors are experienced technical divers, who live and breathe sidemount diving, and the Padi SM course is flexible in that they are able to add skills and drills above and beyond the minimum standards, depending upon an individual diver’s skillset.
The Padi SM course is run over 2 and a half days.

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